• Mauet’s Fundamentals of Trial Techniques NZ Ed (1989) – Co-Author;
  • Commerce Act Compliance Manual Ed (1992) Telecom, New Zealand – Author;
  • Fair Trading Act Compliance Manual Ed (1993) Telecom, New Zealand, Author;
  • Brooker’s Arbitration Law and Practice by Green & Hunt Ed (1993 - 2012) – Co-Author;
  • Arbitration Procedures in Asia New Zealand Section, Sweet & Maxwell (1999) – Author;
  • Employment Dispute Resolution LexisNexis (2002) – Author;
  • Green & Hunt on Arbitration Law & Practice (1993 and re-published online 2006) – Co-Author;
  • Mediation: Principles, Process, Practice by Laurence Boulle, Virginia Goldblatt and Phillip D. Green (2008) LexisNexis – Co-Author;
  • AMINZ Code of Ethics  (2012) - author - minor edits by AMINZ Council.

I was co-author of the text Brooker’s Arbitration Law and Practice, originally published in 1993 and recently relaunched in 2006 as Green & Hunt on Arbitration Law & Practice. This two-volume work is the leading text on arbitration law and practice in New Zealand. Its specialist contributors are Tómas Kennedy-Grant QC and Penny Mudford.

I am a contributing author to the text Arbitration Procedures in Asia Sweet & Maxwell (1999).
I am author of Employment Dispute Resolution published by LexisNexis in May 2002. The foreword has been written by Chief Judge Goddard. The text is now used in the Massey University Employment Law Masters’ Programme. Excerpts have also been used as part of the material for a District Court Judges’ settlement conference training programme.
In 2006 I was approached by the authors Professor Laurence Boulle of Bond University (Queensland, Australia) and Virginia Goldblatt (Massey University) to co-author with them the text Mediation: Principles, Process, Practice . This text was published by LexisNexis in December 2008.  Please click here to read a review of Mediation: Principles, Process, Practice.
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